Baboon Data

This project generated a mixture of low-coverage and high-coverage whole-genome sequence data from the pedigreed baboon colony housed at the Southwest National Primate Research Center (SNPRC). These data will be useful for estimating fundamental biological parameters (e.g., mutation and recombination rates) in baboons, elucidating the history of admixture between olive and yellow baboons within the colony, and in facilitating future genotype-phenotype studies using the SNPRC baboon colony. Please contact SNPRC or Jeff Wall for further information.

NCBI BioProject PRJNA433868

Baboon Datasets


Human Data

This project provides high-coverage whole-genome sequence data from a subset of the individuals used in the 1000 Genomes Project.  All data were generated on Illumina HiSeq machines by Genentech, Inc.  DNA samples (and individual identifier codes) were obtained from Coriell Cell Repositories. Please contact Jeff Wall for further details.

NCBI BioProject PRJNA476341



Macaque Data

Pig-tailed Macaque Data

This project generated high-coverage WGS data from 12 unrelated pig-tailed macaques from the Washington National Primate Research Center and a de novo genome assembly for M. nemestrina using 10X and BioNano data.

NCBI BioProject PRJNA507022

Macaca Nemestrina Data